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7 Essential Tools for the Serious Twitch Streamer

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Are you serious about your streaming career? Then try the tools that we mention in this article.

tools for twitch streamers

Twitch has grown steadily over the years, and with a new arrangement allowing them exclusive rights to live broadcast the Overwatch League, it will only expand more.

More gamers and businesses are rushing to the platform to discover an early niche.

Online gaming has made the experience more social, with titles such as Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Fortnite becoming extremely popular.

But these games are popular not only in the mainstream but also on the live stream.

This is a logical evolution, given that the attractiveness of social media is founded in its participatory aspect.

Viewers can participate in a live broadcast via chat, and streamers can communicate with them and contribute bits to the streamers.

Streamers can use that bits as additional revenue by converting twitch bits to USD.

With the esports business seeing fast expansion, marketers are attempting to determine the best ways to promote to fans.

Tools Required for Serious Twitch Streamers

There is no medium better suited to finding influencers for this sector than Twitch;

Therefore, streamers who want to join in on the activity should start pushing their material to the next level.

A streamer can produce slick, professional-looking productions with the correct tools to better connect with their audience and to be noticed by companies and marketers and we've listed the finest of them here.

1. Open Broadcast Studio

Before you can do anything to improve your live stream, you must first have a live stream.

That is only possible with the proper software, and Twitch works with various options.

By far, the most common streaming software used by Twitch's top streamers is Open Broadcast Studio (or OBS).

OBS goes beyond the traditional split-screen or picture-in-picture layouts to allow broadcasters complete control over their productions.

Multiple cameras are supported, and everything is customizable: from the arrangement of what's on your screen to the transitions between scenes to whatever hotkey you'd like to set for easy control access.

And, as the word "Open" indicates, OBS may interface with third-party plugins to enhance the broadcast.

2. Video Course for Streamers From


OBS may appear overwhelming to the inexperienced streamer. There is indeed a steeper learning curve to using it.

Fortunately for you, has put together a crash course on learning much more than the fundamentals of broadcasting a professional-looking live stream.

It goes through everything you need to know about working on Twitch and setting up OBS in great detail.

There are also lessons on how to use popular plugins such as Streamlabs (covered later in this post).

You may buy the entire course and try out certain portions for free at website.

3. Stream Design Bundles

You may also buy images, overlays, and animations for your stream at

These feature everything you need to make your live streams stand out inside a given theme.

They provide various animations and static visuals for Twitch notifications, game-specific overlays, transitions, intermission banners, and other uses.

Many may be purchased separately, but their Master Bundles offer the best value.

4. Websites for Streamers

Streamers may use this tool from to create their website dedicated entirely to their Twitch feed.

It can do the obvious embed your Twitch stream straight in the website but it also allows you to write a bio, submit your broadcast schedules, and include sponsor and partner logos.

Having a website will significantly improve your prospects. Do you still need to get sponsors or partners? Check out the many templates and live examples available here.

5. Streamlabs


Streamlabs has gradually expanded its product portfolio to encompass all elements of Twitch live broadcasting.

They've even begun beta-testing their own branded installation of OBS, although you don't need it to use any of their other products.

Streamlabs provides a variety of widgets to manage things like notifications and contributions.

Streamers hoping to develop their channels and interact with companies will be especially interested in two of its features.

The Sponsor Banner is just what it sounds like, but a bit more. If you have numerous sponsors, you may put them all up and have Streamlabs rotate each banner for you.

But before attracting those sponsors, you must demonstrate that you are worth their money.

The Streamlabs dashboard offers valuable statistics to demonstrate your worth, such as followers, viewers per day, average views per day, and average view time. Register for a free account to see how everything works.

6. Input Overlay

Engaging with your audience is one of the most effective expanding methods.

And one of the multiple effective ways to interact with them is to show them what you're doing.

Popular Twitch streamers do not become famous just due to their personality; they must also be excellent at their games.

Similarly, viewers aren't merely there to see an interesting individual play game. They're interested in the fun and want to watch how the best players manage them.

Viewers may see which keys or controller buttons are being pushed as you press them with Input Overlay.

This is ideal for teaching concepts, discovering easter eggs, or navigating a challenging portion of the game.

7. Nightbot

The chat option provides an interactive aspect to the stream, but broadcasters can't participate in or moderate all that typewritten action while rushing around their virtual worlds.

There are other Twitch chatbots available, but Nightbot is the most popular.

That's partial because it's so simple to set up and partly because it allows broadcasters much control over their discussions without requiring them to watch them.

Nightbot allows you to do things like

  • Automatically filter spam based on the criteria you choose.

  • Provide moderator access to other accounts.

  • Put up recurring reminders to promote other streams or solicit contributions.

  • Take song requests, and organize competitions and giveaways.

The best part is that it is hosted in the cloud, so there are no servers to install or maintain. Sign in, link it to your Twitch account, and you're ready to go.

Final Thoughts

Streamers who want to get a leg up on their rivals must put a lot more effort and thought into their material, and the tools outlined above will help them appear suitable.

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